Make those sort of accusations again and I’ll sue, former leader warns after “irresponsble and offensive” remarks

Cllr Alan Melton (standing) at Fenland Hall today

Cllr Alan Melton (standing) at Fenland Hall today - Credit: Archant

Former Fenland Council leader Alan Melton tonight threatened to sue any councillor who hinted at improper links between his role as a councillor and his outside business interests.

In an angry outburst during today’s full council meeting he stood up to protest “on a point of order” comments clearly audible and coming from the back of the chamber.

“I heard the remark which I find totally irresponsible and offensive,” said Cllr Melton who had earlier finished questioning a Cabinet member on development issues.

The comment suggested he should have declared an interest when putting a point to housing portfolio chief Will Sutton about development boundaries.

“No I don’t have to declare an interest,” he said. “The simple reason is that I have never built outside a development area boundary or been involved in any company that has done so.”

Cllr Melton said it was “the sort of accusation” he had been forced to endure for many years during his time as council leader.

“In future I will go to law if anything like this is said again,” he told councillors. “I won’t mess around with some silly little committee – I will go to law.”

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Cllr Melton said: “I have made my point but be warned- next time I get an email or accusation verbally I will go to law.”