Make your opinions felt – by distributing leaflets for UKIP in the run-up to the elections

As this is a district council election year, UKIP is very keen to ensure that we have as many candidates standing for election as possible.

It may be you have never considered becoming a councillor.

Think about this – have you ever had a conversation with a colleague, neighbour or a friend about a political point of view?

Have you ever been frustrated with your council at the lack of action or speed in getting something done or rectified?

Have you ever thought: “Why should I bother to vote as nothing changes?”

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The council doesn’t know what the working man thinks or wants. It doesn’t know because no-one listens.

That’s not strictly true, because UKIP is listening.

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For instance, we were mainly responsible for saving Estover Playing Field from housing developers because we listened and acted fast enough to stop the takeover.

Are you serious about wanting positive change in your council? If yes, now is your chance to make your opinions felt.

Will you help us and yourself get the changes we all need? Distributing leaflets and meeting people is one way you can help.

We would like you to help get UKIP’s message heard.

Contact me or Alan if you can help with promotions or, better still, come and talk about the possibility of becoming a councillor.

Phone us if you wish to help in any way.


Branch secretary

01945 465394

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