Police hunt homemade go-kart ‘causing anti-social behaviour’

Police seized this ‘makeshift homemade go-kart'

Police seized this ‘makeshift homemade go-kart' following numerous reports of anti-social behaviour in Nene Parade and Creek Road, March. - Credit: Policing Fenland 

A ‘makeshift homemade go-kart' was seized by police following numerous reports of anti-social behaviour and driving in a careless manner.  

Officers were called after the non-road legal kart was spotted driving around Nene Parade and Creek Road in March on Thursday afternoon (April 15).  

A spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “Officers from the March Neighbourhood Policing Team received numerous reports of a male driving this makeshift homemade go-kart in a careless manner. 

“Aside from causing anti-social behaviour to local residents the kart was also not road legal and didn't have any insurance. 

“The kart has subsequently been seized under S165 of the Road Traffic Act.” 

One resident said: “I think that's rather sad.  

“Yes, of course it shouldn't have been driven illegally on the public road, but someone has spent a lot of time and effort making that.” 

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"He was driving like a nutter," added another. 

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