Man confronted in live stream cleared of all sex abuse allegations

Fleetwood Enforcers

The Facebook group Fleetwood Enforcers UK who door stepped and challenged a March man. The man has been cleared by police of all allegations against him. - Credit: Fleetwood Enforcers

A 41-year-old March man has been cleared of all allegations made by an unofficial group who target alleged child abusers.  

Cambridgeshire Police has confirmed that the man is innocent of all allegations made against him by Fleetwood Enforcers UK. 

A small team from the group – that has 131,000 followers on Facebook – door stepped the man in July outside his home.  

In a live stream viewed by tens of thousands of their followers, the man was subjected to a prolonged stream of allegations repeatedly put to him.  

But a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire police said yesterday (Wednesday) that “I can confirm he faces no further action”. 

The confirmation came after a close friend of the man said police had put the ‘no case to answer’ in writing.  

“I can only put it down to the fact that what Fleetwood Enforcers thought was going on wasn’t,” said the friend.  

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“It's not right and it’s not the first time this has happened with them and other such groups.” 

The friend said the police had taken the man’s phone – since returned – and transcribed material from it.  

He said: “The things they picked up on are not against the law “ 

The friend said police had initially advised it could take up to three months to go through the phone and devices but in this instance, it had taken only five weeks. 

“We think Fleetwood should be accountable for what has happened,” said the friend.  

The man at the centre of the incident was suspended from his job once the Facebook stream went live.  

He was facing a disciplinary inquiry by his bosses later this month but they, too, have received a copy of the ‘no further action’ letter from police.  

However, the man’s friend says so far as he is aware the disciplinary hearing will still take place.  

“It seems that is the procedure,” he said.  

Members of Enforcers UK Ltd spoke to the man on the steps of his home and quizzed him extensively about his actions.  

The team claimed he had carried on his conversations with a 14-year-old ‘girl’ for many months.  

They said he continued his conversations – with offers to meet at a hotel or go to a cinema – over a long period. 

He was unaware the 14-year-old ‘girl’ was in fact a decoy being used by Fleetwood Enforcers UK Ltd.  

Fleetwood told the man: “You have to deal with the consequences of your actions – as a 41year-old man you have to deal with it.”