Man from Wisbech, woman from March, caught having sex in public park sent to crown court for sentence

A COUPLE who had sex in a public park in Wisbech have been sent to crown court for sentence.

Andrius Vaiciulevicius, 30, of Norwich Road, Wisbech and Helen Juby, 36, of Highfield Road, admitted the offence of outraging public decency when they appeared in court this week.

The couple were caught in Tillery Field – formerly known as New Burial Ground- off Alexandra Road, Wisbech, on Sunday after being reported by a 13 year-old boy.

On community website Shape Your Place the park had been the focus of recent criticism for being a place where people act irresponsibly and often dump litter.

“I am a frequent user of Tillery Park for dog walking and I feel that the amount of drinking, broken glass and litter is now getting to an unacceptable level,” wrote a correspondent.

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“People congregate to drink from cans and bottles (glass and plastic) and eat there at all times of the day and night.

“Why can’t the Street Scene officers act on this or the no drinking area be extended?

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“I would have thought the largesse of either the Town or District Council could have paid for a CCTV camera to catch these litterbugs!”

Fenland Council reported earlier this year that the park is patrolled regularly and information is shared with local police.

A council spokesman said: “We will continue to do our best to keep the area clean, which as you have observed is a difficult job, and cleansing staff have other priorities elsewhere in the town which conflict at times.

“Please be assured that any reported matters relating to litter and glass in the park are treated as a priority and auctioned as soon as possible.”

The picturesque park at the bottom of Alexandra Road has undergone a makeover over the past couple of years with a series of improvements, including the installation of new gates and extra lighting.

Back in the 19th century it was an overflow graveyard for the Church of St Peter and St Paul, when it was called the “New Burial Ground”.

The Friends of Tillery Field decided to give it back its original name, which means “the place where tiles are made”.

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