Man now living in San Antonio, Texas, looking to trace Cambs-based brother

A MAN living in San Antonio, Texas, is looking to trace his brother who, it is believed, lives somewhere in Cambridgeshire.

Shaun Sexton last spoke to his brother Edwin in 1997. Nowadays, Edwin uses the name AJ Williams.

Shaun said: “Our parents are Ronald William Sexton and Amy Sexton, we have a brother called Paul.

“We grew up in Africa but lived for a short time in Saffron Walden before we moved to the USA.

“I know from some research that AJ (Edwin) now lives somewhere in Cambridgeshire. Where exactly I don’t know.

“AJ, if you are out there, please contact myself or Paul.”

• If you are AJ Williams and would like to contact your brother, call 00 1 210 711 8982 or 00 1 210 382 2578. Alternatively, e-mail

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