Manager so embarrassed by playing field toilets he ferries visitors to rail station loos

A FOOTBALL club manager was so embarrassed by the toilets at a March playing field that he ferried a visiting girls’ team to the railway station to use their loos.

Gary Davis manages an Estover Park youth team in March and until last year used the youth pitch.

“However the final straw came when an Under 13 girls’ team wanted to use the toilets and they were so disgusting that I drove them to the train station to use their facilities,” he said.

“The team came from Dersingham and only ever come to March for football matches. How embarrassing that their view of own lovely town is of filthy toilets and a playing field full of dogs’ muck.

“Due to the lack of clean facilities and the fact that youngsters can lose their eyesight from contact with dogs’ muck, I refused to let my team play there again. Sad really as all teams in Estover Park Football Club should play at Estover Park.”

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Mr Davis, who also plays for Estover Park, said that on four occasions this season he has cleaned the field before game.

“On the last occasion, I removed 13 separate dog faeces from the pitch,” he said. “It also takes me 15 minutes to make sure the pitch is clear.

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“The only reason for doing this is to ensure the safety and hygiene of players. I bag them and put them at the side of the pitch.”

He criticised “lazy irresponsible dog owners” for not taking their mess to the bins provided.

He said: “It makes me sick to the stomach that I have to come into contact with dog mess and spend, on what is meant to be an enjoyable afternoon for me, a long time making sure the pitch is playable.”

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