Manea in Bloom kickstart award campaign with tree planting session

VOLUNTEERS planted more than 100 trees at Manea Pit to kickstart this year’s campaign for glory in the Britain in Bloom contest.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) annual competition attracts thousands of entrants - and Manea has earned two silver awards in the last three years.

Saturday’s planting was also part of a national campaign to increase the number of trees in Britain.

Manea in Bloom Chairman Mark Archer said: “We feel that planting these trees will not only help to enhance what is already a fantastic wildlife and recreation resource for the village, but also help with this years In Bloom campaign which will improve pride in our community.”

A traditional Cambridgeshire orchard and wild flower meadow is set to be recreated at Manea Pit after a grant of �7,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.