Manea rail station car park discussions continue amid safety concerns

Manea Train Station. Abellio Greater Anglia train approaching the station.

Manea Train Station. Abellio Greater Anglia train approaching the station. - Credit: Archant

Safety issues have delayed a car park at Manea rail station for two years because the planned entrance is too close to the level crossing.

Extensive work is needed to address the matter with designs, engineering requirements and road safety audits.

The Hereward Community Rail Partnership (HCRP) has apologised for the frustrating delays and acknowledged the project was taking much longer than expected.

Car park discussions have been going on for about two years but progress has been slowed by some “very complex issues”, the partnership said.

Councillor Simon King, HCRP chairman, said: “We appreciate the great support we have had from the local community, which was a key factor in securing a more frequent rail service from Manea.

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“That initial success naturally increased expectations that other improvements would follow soon after, including the car park.

“Various factors have combined to hold things up and we recognise that is very frustrating. There are some very complex issues that need to be resolved.”

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A Network Rail spokesperson said: “We understand that the local community is keen to have a car park at the station, but there are safety issues that we need to consider because of the level crossing nearby.”

A spokesman for Abellio Greater Anglia said they were working with partners to address key issues which needed tackling to make the upgrade possible. “These issues include ensuring that road, rail and pedestrian safety standards are protected, given the car park’s proposed location adjacent to the level crossing, and, if these challenges are overcome, securing the necessary funds to deliver the project.”

Network Rail, Abellio Greater Anglia and Cambridgeshire County Council have to be satisfied that all the safety issues have been adequately addressed for the project to move forward.

Meanwhile, the HCRP has the money needed for a new waiting shelter and extra funding is being tracked down for a second shelter and ticket machine.

A bid for £360,000 has been submitted to the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership to enable further feasibility studies for station improvements at both Manea and Whittlesey.

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