MANEA: Savage dogs terrorise village as lamb and kitten are mauled to death

VILLAGERS say they are living in fear of savage dogs that are terrorising Manea and killing family pets.

A kitten and a lamb were killed by the dogs on Monday and residents have formed a group to demand the authorities take action.

They claim to have reported hundreds of incidents involving the dogs to police and the RSPCA over the last six years.

But the dogs’ owner – who would only identify herself as Mrs Smart – said she had already destroyed one and claimed she had done everything possible to keep them secure inside her property.

Smallholder Caroline Mills called 999 after she was cornered by a German Shepherd on Monday. The dog had just mauled one of her lambs death and injured two others.

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Another resident, who did not want to be identified, told the Cambs Times how she could only watch as two dogs killed her pet kitten.

Lesley Kennedy, who helped to form the action group, said: “If you got everyone together who had been attacked by these dogs you would need to hire the village hall.”

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