Many residents of Fenland Village angry with association’s high-handed attitude

THERE has been a lot of publicity over the past couple of weeks regarding the tribunal held over a dispute by a minority of residents on both parks located in Osborne Road, Wisbech.

Mr Falco’s original letter (October 5) expressed the views of the majority of residents.

There are many residents who have been disgusted with the residents’ association and its high-handed attitude, it does not speak for all the residents and some of the comments attributed to it have been very ill considered.

In future if the committee wants to take any action which affects the whole park it would be appropriate to ask all residents, whether in the association or not.

As regards the use of the quiet area, residents have only themselves to blame. The correct response to a complaint made to a committee member about the noise from an event is to assure the resident that it will endeavour to rectify problem – not tell them to go out for the day if they do not want the noise.

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I have received a letter asking whether I want to stay in the association with regard to my complaining about the noise.

The answer is NO.

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