Music journalist and author releases first professionally published book

March music journalist and author Matt Karpe's releases first professionally published book, 'Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide'.

March music journalist and author Matt Karpe's is releasing his first professionally published book, 'Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide', through Sonicboard. - Credit: MATT KARPE

A March music journalist and author's "dream has come true" as he gears up to release his fourth and first professionally published book. 

Matt Karpe's book 'Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide’ features 230 pages of insight on the bands, songs and albums that dominated mainstream charts, radio airwaves and TV channels from the mid-90s to mid-noughties.

Calling his publishing deal with Sonicbond “a dream come true”, the 35-year-old's latest book is out now in the U.K. It will also be available globally at the end of October. 

Spawning global success for bands including Linkin' Park, Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit, the book delves further and features over 100 bands who all had their moment in the spotlight. 

Also including exclusive interviews with various high-profile musicians, as well as other informative pieces, Matt’s book is "the perfect reference guide for fans of heavy music both old and new".

Matt, who also owns and creates his own music-based Nu Zine and runs independent record label TNZ Records, doesn’t have long to wait for his next Sonicbond release.

His second book of the year has a release date of November 25. 

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