March author releases self-help book which he claims will transform lives

Chris Hopkins.

Chris Hopkins. - Credit: Archant

A Fenland author says his self help book will help readers change their lives.

Chris Hopkins, 55, of High Street, March, has spent the last two years writing “Success Starts from Within”, which he says draws on his own experiences to help people reach their potential.

He said: “I was in a mundane nine to five job going nowhere but I started reading other self-help books and they taught me there was more to life.

“You have the potential to go a lot further – all you need is absolute conviction to get there.

“With Success Starts from Within you’ll learn how to draw on knowledge, skills and expertise you didn’t even know you possessed and how a few simple techniques can free you from heartache, disappointment, anxiety, doubt and despair.

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“You’ll discover how to not only overcome these difficulties, but also how to turn them to your advantage.”

Mr Hopkins guarantees readers who heed his advice will undergo a transformation.

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He said: “You’ll emerge a far stronger, more self-assured person, who is able to rise to life’s challenges and come out on top.

“You’ll learn how to reach a state of consciousness where you literally become a magnet for good-fortune, prosperity and advancement.

“You will see things creatively, leading to an attitude that is constructive and optimistic.

“This in turn will enable you to release your success power, reap greater rewards, reverse financial misfortune and achieve true security. It will change your life.”

The book is available at, Waterstones, Amazon and WHSmith.

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