March bakery saved from closure by employees

A FENLAND bakery has been saved by members of staff who have agreed to take over after it was announced earlier this week that the shop would close.

Julie’s bakery was due to close today but in a late night meeting on Thursday, six members of the March shop decided they wanted to run it themselves.

Diane Chessum, part of the new management, said: “We were told that it would be closing earlier this week and we got together and decided to give it a go.

“There are lots of shops in March that are closed and didn’t want Julie’s to become one of them.”

Martin Savage, owns half of the business but has chosen to be more involved in his other business, March Cold Stores, said: “They have decided to carry on and run it themselves and have given the store a reprieve.

“It would have been easiest if I just closed the shop but at the end of it, seven people have kept their job. “The public have been brilliant since they heard we were going to be closing and have been very supportive. Some of our regular customers brought in gifts for the staff and it’s nice for them that the shop will carry on.

“The staff need a little bit of help so I will be giving them support. I will still be in the background, but I just won’t be involved in the day to day running.”

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Diane, along with Maggie Chilvers, Julie Searle, Justine Westbrook, Kelly Searle and Jacquline Smith chose to work together and keep Julie’s running.

Nicola Christy has been a customer at Julie’s since it opened in November 2009 after Julie Searle took the shop over with the help of Mr Savage.

Ms Christy said: “If Julie’s closed, it would be a huge loss to the town and would be a great shame if it were to close.

“I have had cakes and buffets from here and the customers wouldn’t allow it to close because it sells delicious food and has excellent customer service.”

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