March businessman watches as Duke of Edinburgh admitted to same hospital

BUSINESSMAN Bruce Smith described today how he and three other patients watched in amazement as a massive police presence accompanied the Duke of Edinburgh into Papworth Hospital on Friday night.

“During the evening we heard flashing blue lights, looked out and saw a helicopter, then a large number of police cars went by the ward window, and then an ambulance,” he said.

“Next morning, when we woke up, we looked out of the window and the whole place was surrounded by police and press.

“Then one of the nurses came in and said Prince Philip had been brought in.”

Mr Smith, 64, of Wimblington Road, March, who had been admitted for tests for a sleep disorder, said there was a noticeable difference in atmosphere within the hospital.

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“There was a kind of lock down on security and all staff had to take their identity passes to be let out and to let in the next shift,” he said.

“It was quite pleasant really though and everyone seemed quite jolly about it.”

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Mr Smith was released later in the day on Christmas Eve but will remain under observation for some time by his doctor.

“I realise I probably have to lose some weight,” he admitted. “I’ve already lost a stone but I can’t diet- I’ve got no will power”.

Prince Philip didn’t return to his home – Sandringham House- until Tuesday after being treated for a blocked artery.

“Although he spent Christmas in hospital I’m sure the Duke of Edinburgh would have enjoyed the food,” said Mr Smith.

“On Friday evening we had chilli and jacket potato followed by treacle sponge and custard. It was excellent.”

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