Coronavirus fears in the Fens as county council leader Steve Count warns: ‘There has been a spike in cases in the March area’

Steve Count, leader of Cambs County Council, has warned of a spike in Covid-19 cases in his hometown

Steve Count, leader of Cambs County Council, has warned of a spike in Covid-19 cases in his hometown of March, Picture; ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Fears of a spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the Fens came tonight from a council leader and a GP surgery.

“I have been informed there has been a spike in cases in the March area,” he wrote.

“Most have admitted to doctor or paramedic etc, that they attended a barbecue or family or group gathering”.

He urged residents to “please follow the rules. Its not just yourselves you hurt if you are infected.

“I cannot stress enough that for everyone’s benefit including your own, please, please, follow the guidance so we can all come through this safely together.”

Cllr Count warned: “Because of the spike March is now weeks behind where it could have been safety wise; it’s just not worth it.”

Town councillor Robert White said: “Thanks for raising awareness Steve”.

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But not all agreed with Cllr Count, with some questioning whether he meant a rise in Covid-19 deaths or more cases reported because of increased testing. “Please give the exact figures - otherwise it’s just hearsay,” one resident told him

Another wrote: “How do you know what people have admitted to a doctor or paramedic? Exactly.

“Don’t fabricate nonsense into your posts in a bid to strengthen them”.

However, many more supported his statement, one noting that “some people on bikes are not distancing and others standing chatting make it difficult for others to safely distance”.

Another wrote: “I know quite a few cases in March, and it’s sad; it’s not just about how many people have died, it’s also the amount who have contracted the virus and March is on the rise”.

County council colleague Jan French, also deputy leader of Fenland District Council, urged: “Please give Steve a break. As leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, he has been working tirelessly, meetings after meetings.”

Many of these were daily and working with Government departments, she said.

“People are dying,” she said. “Steve is pointing out directions from government to keep us all safe.

“We do not know any actual numbers of deaths in March and will not know until all stats are publicised. Sadly, we do know Kit Owen has died.

“My heart is saddened. I spoke to him on Wednesday evening only hours before he died. He was still helping residents. RIP Kit”.

Up until April 17, there are thought to have been five Covid-19 related deaths in March.

In Upwell and Outwell the local medical centre has warned of a rise in the number of cases of Covid-19 cases locally,

“The doctors here think that our peak in the numbers is slightly behind other parts of the country,” said a post from the medical centre,

“It’s taken longer to get here but it’s definitely causing problems now.

“Although the government is talking about relaxing the lockdown nationally, we want to urge you to keep taking precautions”.

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