March Carnival Parade

THANKS for the ‘plug’ about the Parade. Just to clarify one point....we don’t have ‘floats’ in the traditional sense of the word any more ie flat bed lorries with displays and people on them aka Wisbech.

The March parade is essentially a walking parade (much more environmentally friendly), other than vintage vehicles which bring up the rear and a few VIP vehicles in the front (walkers and vehicles don’t mix from an H & S point of view). Last year, a couple of Groups such as YPM, used a small vehicle towing a trailer that had a display on it which I felt gave them an inbuilt advantage where the ‘Best in Parade’ award was concerned. This year I’m going to try and find someone to sponsor a ‘Best Individual’ Award as well to encourage the wearing of Fancy Dress. The theme this year is ‘Historical Characters’ so that should give plenty of scope for everyone to take part.

We’ve signed up the Caledonian Pipe Band to lead the parade by the way and I hope to get another band to bring up the rear behind the walkers.


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