March family ‘devastated’ after cat is run over and killed by speeding motorist


Millie - Credit: Archant

A March family say they are devastated after their cat Millie was killed by a motorist on Monday evening.

Karly Peachey posted on social media that she watched her cat being run over by a speeding driver right outside her house on Russell Avenue. To make matters worse, the driver didn’t stop.

“My boys were devastated and my little girl was heartbroken,” said Mrs Peachey, who has four children; Jordan, 13, Ethan, 12 and Sophie, five, as well as a nine-month-old baby.

“Although Sophie was very brave and strong, she is a massive animal lover and is so upset.”

At the time of the incident, she wrote on the Facebook page March Cambridgeshire Free Discussion: “My boys just missed it but seeing her laying there they have to go to sleep now with that picture in their head.

“Luckily my five-year-old daughter was fast asleep in bed but I don’t know how to tell her.”

Days after the incident, she said: “I just want to highlight that speeding down here is getting ridiculous and that maybe they should consider speed bumps.

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“They come speeding down Peyton Avenue and there are cars parked both sides of the road.

“There really should be more care taken before something serious happens.”

Following the incident, Mrs Peachey says she has had people contact her about starting a petition for speed bumps.

She also said the family will not be getting another cat for fear of a similar thing happening again.