March hotelier launches independent bid for seat on town and district councils

BUSINESSMAN Rob Skoulding will stand as an independent candidate in next year’s Fenland District Council elections.

The March hotelier told the Cambs Times: “I want to put common sense back into the district because common sense has gone.”

He says the prospect of pay parking in the town was the final straw in him making the decision.

Mr Skoulding of the Oliver Cromwell Hotel fears pay parking would sound the death knell for many local businesses already suffering in the current economic climate.

After reading in this newspaper that pay parking could become reality Mr Skoulding immediately launched a petition and has already collected hundreds of signatures.

He said: “My decision to stand as an independent councillor was finally decided after council leader Alan Melton announced his decision to introduce car parking charges throughout the town.

“I feel so strongly against these charges and feel it would be a disastrous move for the businesses of March along with all the people who service those businesses.

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“Being an independent candidate and a local family man will allow me to look at issues avoiding politics. People do not want to be bound to support something they strongly disagree with and I will be committed to finding a way forward for Fenland’s towns to flourish and to find a way of delivering value for money from Fenland Hall.”

If successful, Mr Skoulding would be following in the footsteps of his father, Peter, who died last year after serving the town for almost 50 years as a councillor. He was a former mayor and cabinet member and was praised for his strong financial leadership.

As Mr Skoulding delivered a petition with more than 300 names on it to our offices he urged people to put their names on petition forms available in local shops and businesses. He has asked Cambs Times editor John Elworthy to deliver the petition to Fenland District Council.

Mr Skoulding said: “My reaction to the report on pay parking was one of anger. If the council want to bring in pay parking they should do so at Fenland Hall first and try it out for 10 years.

“If people in Fenland are going to be charged for parking they may as well go to Peterborough to do their shopping. In March it would kill off High Street and Broad Street.”

Mr Skoulding says if he is elected he will not be taking any expenses. He said: “I would be honoured to help serve the public to make our local area a safe and successful place to live.”

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