March is not a ghost town

Wisbech is welcome to their 10,000 new homes in the garden city plans (have they sold us short? Front page last week).

I’m not sure doubling the population is necessarily the answer to their problems.

In any case, I seem to remember that March has 5,000 new homes already earmarked in the 20 year plan - most of them near Neale Wade Academy.

We had an example only last week of how easily the road from there to March Town centre gets grid locked, God knows what it will be like with an extra 5,000 cars on the road!

I would take issue with Mark Harley on his Facebook page when he says ‘March is becoming a ghost town shop wise, tourist wise’.

You may also want to watch:

March has a thriving town centre with three major supermarkets represented, not to mention numerous eateries and coffee shops including Costa, a national chain.

It also has the great benefit of the river meandering its way past the park and town bridge, with busy moorings for narrow boats passing through.

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Band concerts in the park, for eight weeks during the summer, attract a lot of people to what is a very picturesque setting.

It also of course, has it’s very popular St Georges Day and March Festival weekends, which attract thousands of people from Fenland and beyond.

It is the seat of government for the District Council and has a busy well used railway station which gives access to the nationwide rail network.

Hardly a ghost town Mark


Scargells Lane


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