March Motorsport fanatic getting ready to race at Silverstone

Martin Snarey in his Formula Vee race car.

Martin Snarey in his Formula Vee race car. - Credit: Archant

A LIGHTING engineer from March will fulfil a lifetime ambition when he races at Silverstone on August 24.

Martin Snarey .

Martin Snarey . - Credit: Archant

Martin Snarey, 52, will compete in a Formula Vee on the International Circuit, which up until now only Formula 1 and Le Mans cars have been able to use.

Mr Snarey has been involved in Motorsport as a reporter and manager since the 1980s but he has been racing for less than a year.

He took the plunge following his youngest daughter’s marriage last September.

He said: “I have always been involved with Motorsport, whether it be watching, managing drivers or sponsorship hunting.

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“For a while in the eighties I reported for BBC radio filing reports from the circuits.

“As soon as my youngest daughter got married I decided it was my time.

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“My family had been telling me for ages to go for it.”

Mr Snarey wasted no time getting behind the wheel.

He said: “Within a month I had my first test session in a Formula Vee and a couple of weeks later bought one.

“I have now done six races in Class B of Formula Vee and been on the podium three times.”

Mr Snarey admits racing is an expensive passion - he has spent £12,000 so far - but says it is even more thrilling than he imagined.

He said: “It’s even more of a buzz than I thought.

“It’s only a VW Beetle engine but it can go up to 7,000 revs and 140 miles per hour on the straights.

“The corners are even more exciting, with 2.5 to three Gs of force.

“I am no where near the front but I have enjoyed every second, although I’m not sure my bank manager can say the same.”

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