Mum-of-four shows off dramatic eight stone weight loss transformation

Mum-of-four Dee Johnson from March has transformed her body after losing eight stone.  

Mum-of-four Dee Johnson from March has transformed her body after losing eight stone. - Credit: March Slimming World

A mum-of-four is enjoying a happier and healthier life after beating the odds and dropping from a size 24 to 10 when losing eight-and-a-half stone.  

Dee Johnson from March has transformed her lifestyle after her GP told her she had fatty liver following an abnormal blood test.  

“Now I have loads of fresh veg with all my meals,” said Mrs Johnson. “As a family we now all enjoy filling, healthy, family meals.  

Dee when she was size 24. 

Dee when she was size 24. - Credit: Supplied

“I don’t miss out on the meals I liked before as there is always a recipe for a healthier way to cook. I eat a lot more fresh food now.” 

Mrs Johnson joined her local Slimming World group in February 2019 and achieved her eight stone award during the first coronavirus lockdown, she’s now managed lose a further half stone.  

She was even voted ‘Woman of the Year’ by the March group last September and ‘Miss Slinky’ in 2019.  

“This last year has been bit challenging but we have all helped each other,” added Mrs Johnson.  

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“My bloods are normal and my last scan has shown improvement of the liver. All the changes I’ve made have defiantly helped.”  

Helen Moore, Ms Johnson’s consultant, said: “I couldn’t be prouder – Dee has literally transformed as a person. “Her confidence has grown and it’s a pleasure to have supported her and watcher her grow.  

“Losing six stone before Covid-19 hit and a further two stone in lockdown, achieving her eight stone award; the groups weekly support kept her motivated with ideas and advice.”  

Ms Johnson never enjoyed exercising but now – lighter and healthier – she treated herself to an exercise bike in lockdown. 

Dee now, happier and healthier.

Dee now, happier and healthier. - Credit: Supplied

A spokesperson for Slimming World said: “Dee is just a shining example of what can be achieved with the right support and her determination to make changes after struggling with her weight for nearly 20 years. 

“So many people are putting their lives on hold, and struggling to eat well let alone lose weight.  

“Managing a healthy weight has never been more important. It’s estimated that over 60 per cent of all adults in Cambridgeshire are struggling.  

“With Peterborough being one of the most obese cities in England. Slimming world are working in Partnership with the local authorities to support the community.  

“Anyone who has a BMI over 25 can contact Healthy You on 0330 050093 or text Healthyu to 60777. 

“Excess weight is associated with a greater risk of developing weight-related health problems, such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.  

“And evidence shows that people with obesity have a higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19 and could have an increased risk of dying from the virus by 37 per cent.”