Mum hopes to become a council candidate to represent the voice of families with disabled housing issues

Tina Thompson says there is not enough social housing for people with disabilities in Fenland

Tina Thompson says there is not enough social housing for people with disabilities in Fenland - Credit: Archant

Two families who spoke out to highlight a shortage of disabled housing in Fenland have been told to join the local resister to bid for more suitable properties.

Carly Brown and Glen Chatters with their three boys

Carly Brown and Glen Chatters with their three boys - Credit: Archant

One family have a young quadriplegic son while the other has a son of 29 with the learning level of a 10 year old.

Both spoke out at the end of last year as they have given up on the bidding system they are now being asked to join.

For Carly Brown and her partner Glen Chatters it is becoming an increasing battle to live daily family life with their seven year old son Harry, who has cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic, alongside two other boys aged 10 and two.

Tina Thompson says she too has hit a brick wall seeking help for her 29 year old son who is registered disabled with a diagnosis of Aspergers and the comprehension of a child.

A Fenland District Council spokesman said: “We are sorry to learn of the problems faced by the families highlighted in the report and would recommend that they both join the Fenland Housing Register so they can bid for more suitable properties via Home-Link.

“With regards to the family living in social housing, a representative from Clarion will also arrange a tenancy visit to discuss their current housing and encourage them to also register for a mutual exchange scheme to further increase the options available to them.

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“Clarion will also liaise with the family and occupational therapists from Cambridgeshire Community Services (CCS) NHS Trust to understand their long-term housing needs.

“In addition to joining the housing register, we would urge the family of the gentleman living in private rented accommodation to make a self-referral to CCS by contacting their occupational therapists service on 0345 0455 205.”

Carly says they have asked for a bungalow or an extension to their current family home but have got nowhere.

They were even over-looked for what they said would have been their perfect forever home to cater for the needs of their disabled son, by a family without the additional needs which they have.

Carly said: “I am not sure how much longer I can carry Harry up the stairs of our home as he is a dead weight, so he can’t even hang on to help me carry him in any way.

“He is getting bigger and heavier and it is a real struggle now.”

Tina said: “We have, and are doing, what they have said, and still we are getting nowhere. I’ve asked for help with my son going on housing page but still no one will help.

“There are no guarantees that he will be housed in March which is no good. Carly is on exchange list and has been for a while now,

“It’s all just words no one in FDC will commit. I’ve asked them to help my son get on the housing site to register but no one has done so.

“I’ve now registered to be a candidate on Fenland District Council so fingers crossed if I’m voted on I will be able to make more of a difference.”

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