March mum launches a petition for CCTV at Eastwood cemetery

Eastwood Cemetery, March.

Eastwood Cemetery, March. - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched by a March mum urging Fenland District Council to put CCTV cameras at Eastwood Cemetery.

The petition comes days after the family of 14 year old Joshua Warby urged thieves to return a plaque stolen from his grave.

Local police have told MP Steve Barclay that they have stepped up patrols in the cemetery but Jem Louise Hampson said more needed doing for security at the cemetery.

She said: “It’s not the first time it’s happened. I’ve got family round there including my mums grave.

“I’ve had stuff damaged like fencing solar lights and gifts I’ve took round for anniversaries.

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“They even took cards and a sponge I used to clean the headstone.

“We just want to get some support to help us achieve getting the cemetery some security for our loved ones.

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“For too long now Eastwood cemetery keeps having graves damaged and gifts stolen from graves.

“To me it’s sick, it’s not just happening to adults in the cemetery, but babies too.

“We are wanting to get CCTV down Eastwood cemetery due to lack of respect,

“We are hoping to get support for this, it’s upsetting the fact that loved ones, that are no longer here, can’t have anything nice or special on their graves.

“Please spread the word and sign our petition and help support us.”

Jen and friends says they are even asking people who have been affected to keep their photos for proof of what’s happening.

She is also looking to sort out a paper petition to share around the town.

She added: “All we want is CCTV put into place, to be fair its not a lot to ask for, and hopefully it will put and end to all this happening to the cemetery.”

A spokesman for Fenland District Council said: “When considering the use of CCTV, we have to balance the needs of crime prevention and reduction with people’s rights and expectations of privacy, particularly in sensitive areas such as this.

“We sympathise with what has happened and will continue to monitor security measures at our cemeteries to ensure they remain open and accessible to all.”

To sign the petition visit the page here.

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