March North by-election

I WRITE to thank all of those who voted for me and wished me well in the recent March North by-election.

I accept responsibility for not being active and vocal enough, before the election, to persuade voters to turn out in high numbers for me and not the Conservatives. However, the Lib Dems� numbers are small and our finances smaller, so if you want an alternative voice for March, why not join the Lib Dems and strengthen our case? If not that, nag your Conservative Councillors (town, district and County) until their ears drop off; bombard them with letters and phonecalls expressing your views. In short, get them properly to represent you: get them to do their jobs and speak up for March for once.

The end of this election is not the end of cuts to our local bus services. The Conservative County Council has had its government grant reduced but it has chosen to add its own massive cuts on top of this: this is why subsidies to our bus services are being wiped out. Fenland has long been the forgotten relative of South Cambs and the City of Cambridge; the election of yet another Conservative Councillor will not, I fear, do anything to remedy this. The Conservatives at District level are planning to charge the elderly for their �Care and Repair�Service, something that, whilst free, has allowed the elderly in our community to feel free to stay in their own homes instead of sheltered or care accomodation. These people have worked hard and paid taxes for longer than many of us have been alive. The Conservatives aren�t bothered about this.

Councillors are supposed to be our voice in local government. I suggest we start putting our words in their mouths by getting in touch with them and letting them know what we think.


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