March removals man wins top international award for his excellent driving record

A FENLAND removals man who has undergone six operations for his cancer has won a prestigious international award for an exemplary driving record.

Duncan Perry, from March, a driver for Abels’ furniture based in Huntingdon, was presented with the International Road Transport Users Diploma of Honour last year, with three other colleagues, the only four to receive the award in 2010 in the UK.

Mr Perry joined Abels in 1988 after seeing the quality of Abels vehicles at a Driver of the Year competition, but he hasn’t worked for the last year after being diagnosed with bowel cancer and undergone a series of operations.

Kevin Baker, Tony Frior, Graham Ling who also won the award along with Mr Perry were given the top accolade at Abels’ headquarters in Brandon by Stephen Vickers, director general of the British Association of Removers.

Mr Vickers said: “For one firm to have all four of the recipients of the Diploma of Honour on its staff was a truly fantastic achievement. It reflected great credit on the drivers and Abels’ structure and training – and the way in which the firm retained its staff.

“Abels is an absolutely great organisation to work for.”

Nearly 1,100 people world-wide won the award last year which recognises those who have exemplary driving records of at least 20 years, 15 of which must be in international service, and drivers who have covered more than one million kilometres.

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Phil Pertoldi, Group Managing Director of Abels, said: “I am proud to have such a loyal and skilled workforce.

“This is a superb achievement. It speaks volumes for the high standards set by our company, and achieved by our employees, that the only four UK recipients of the Diploma of Honour work for Abels.

“I share Graham, Tony, Kevin and Duncan’s pride in knowing they hold highly-prized certificates issued by such a distinguished body as the International Road Transport Union. It is the world’s leading commercial transport organisation.”

Mr Perry, a father of three and stepfather of three, enjoys walking with his wife Debbie and spending time with their first grandchild, isn’t sure when he will return to work because of his illness.

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