March Rotary Club enjoy visit from ‘The Queen of the Salt Marshes’

MEMBERS of March Rotary Club were this week treated to a talk by a woman who has been spent six decades living within the Lincolnshire salt marshes.

June Barton, known as “The Queen on the Salt Marshes”, spoke of her pride at always living within a stone’s throw of her birthplace in Fosdyke, Lincolnshire.

She described the beautiful flowers seen in the unique habitat and discussed the local delicacy Samphire - an edible plant.

Samphire harvesting was banned in 1991 but a compromise was soon reached allowing people to gather the crop for individual consumption but not commercial gain.

Members heard that salt marshes are covered by the tides twice a day with farmers grazing cattle on the rich pastures.

Ms Barton, who sees herself as the “unofficial warden” of the Fosdyke area, was congratulated on “promoting and preserving the ancient heritage that this area of Lincolnshire has to offer”.