March Royal Naval Association ‘celebrates’ heinous decision to stop rum ration by holding wake

'Rum bosun' Ted Rasell.

'Rum bosun' Ted Rasell. - Credit: Archant

It was July 1971 when the Admiralty stopped the rum ration in the Royal Navy.

Many branches of the Royal Naval Association ‘celebrate’ this heinous decision by holding a wake at the appropriate date in July of each year.

Since the formation of March branch, this celebration has been written into the social calendar. This year the venue was the home of the Rev Anthony and Helen Chandler – chaplain of our branch.

Under a tented cover of two marquees 50 members and guests, some with black pins, commiserated together. After a service conducted by Rev Chandler, they enjoyed a superb hog roast followed by the ladies’ talents in producing wonderful desserts that did nothing for the waistlines of the old sailors and marines!

Ex-submariner Ted Rasell was the ‘rum bosun’ for the day – with a very appropriate piece of headgear for the occasion.

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Experienced for many years with this toast – and, as usual, with very deft hands – he continued the custom of the ‘Queen’s tot’ (left overs) but bowed to pressure in sharing the excess out!

A superb day

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