Sexual abuse hurled at girl walking home alone

West End Park, March

A teenage girl was the target of sexual comments by male students when she was walking home alone in West End Park, March. Her mum has pleaded for parents to advise their sons of inappropriate behaviour. - Credit: POLICING FENLAND

A mum whose daughter was the target of sexual comments by male students has pleaded for parents to advise their sons of inappropriate behaviour.  

The March woman says her teenage daughter felt intimidated by the comments from a group of boys as she walked through West End Park. 

At the time her daughter, who attends Neale-Wade Academy, was walking home from school alone through the park. 

Her mum said: “She ran to the pharmacy at Riverside in tears. 

“Thankfully the brilliant staff there calmed her down until I could get there."  

She said that Neale Wade have been "very supportive" and have contacted the boys' parents. 

The school, she said, has been “trying to educate the students only recently about inappropriate behaviour". 

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Graham Horn, principal of Neale-Wade Academy, said: "At Neale-Wade Academy we are committed to creating positive, tolerant and respectful young people.” 

He said their aim was to challenge any behaviour that makes people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 

“This type of unacceptable behaviour is sadly too common in our society,” he said. 

Mr Horn said this recently been highlighted in the national news and needs to be challenged. 

"We have already spoken to the people who were involved,” he said.  

“We are pleased that our students and parents felt able to come forward and discuss this with the school.” 

The principal said that much had happened since the school re-opened safely this month. 

“We have already reinforced our focus on promoting positive attitudes towards tolerance, respect, mental health, wellbeing, anti-social behaviour and bullying,” he said. 

The college aimed to develop young adults “who are ready, respectful and safe”. 

Women’s safety has been in the forefront of national news following the death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard. 

Her death which sparked women's safety protests.  

The mum said: "With all the news reports about girls and women not feeling safe walking alone, I wanted to share this in the hope that some parents will speak to your boys.” 

In a plea to parents, she said: “Please, have a word with your boys.  

“It may seem funny to them in a gang trying to show off to each other, but it is extremely upsetting to a young girl (or anyone for that matter) walking alone and feeling vulnerable."