March should be commended for having a safe and secure truck park

SO the mayor of March wants to close City Road lorry park and send us on to the industrial estate which has no facilities i.e. hot food, toilets, basic amenities that we should all have access to.

Not to mention the risk of theft from trucks and the risk of crashes.

March should be commended for having a truck park that is safe and secure. If people would read the signs at the entrance and exit to the parking area they would see that it is only a truck park between 4pm and 7am.

Closing the truck parking would create probably 25 car spaces. You go into City Road car park on any given day, however, and there will be at least that amount of spaces there. Maybe that should be promoted instead.

There are only six or seven truck spaces. How that would reduce lorries coming into March I don’t know.

How do people think they get their goods? Everything is moved on some sort of truck.

Are we second class citizens who have no rights? People, especially those in leadership, seem to think so.

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If the mayor would like to discuss this further with me please feel free to give her my e-mail address and we can discuss it.

I await in anticipation.


Another March truck driver

Via e-mail

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