‘March Skill Centre has closed’ will soon be a headline in your local paper

A FUTURE headline in your local paper will be this: ‘March Skill Centre has closed’.

This centre employs several skilled teachers and the young trainee boys and girls are being taught the following skills; motor maintenance, carpentry, wood machining, painting, brick-laying, electrical, plumbing and cookery.

These courses are specially designed to give young people future employment. The skill centre, in Longhill, should have had an open to day to show the people of Fenland what wonderful items these youngsters have produced.

It certainly gives them a start in life and forms their character but I hear that the centre will be closed from July.

I wonder if any efforts have been made in March by the dignitaries and MP Steve Barclay to save this centre?

Their answer of course will be “we’ve run out of money” but we still seem to be able to find money for immigrants to live in millionaire’s houses. They don’t go to work and the local council end up paying around �3,000 per week to keep them.

Can this honestly be fair?

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Derrick Case,

Elwyndene Road, March

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