March Society learns about ‘Anglo Saxon Chatteris’ from town museum’s curator

Members of The March Society enjoyed a talk by Ian Mason about 'Anglo Saxon Chatteris'

Members of The March Society enjoyed a talk by Ian Mason about 'Anglo Saxon Chatteris' - Credit: Archant

Ian Mason, the curator of Chatteris museum, presented an enthusiastic and enjoyable hands-on talk to The March Society about Anglo-Saxon Chatteris.

Ian passed around various replica items on loan from other museums including a spear head, sword, bow and arrow, shield, beads, necklaces and a glass claw beaker – the latter is one of only 20 found in Britain and its estimated date is around 450 AD.

Very few Anglo-Saxon skeleton remains have been found in Britain because their practice was to cremate.

However, in the mid 18C, workmen came across a tumulus grave from the Anglo –Saxon period in the Ferry Hill area of Chatteris.

It was suggested by Dr William Stukeley that the person buried there was of high social standing – possibly ‘the grave of a British King’.

It remains a mystery as to what this person and any other Anglo-Saxons were doing in Chatteris.

Archaeologists from the British Museum and other specialists will be in Chatteris to investigate a site in the New Year.

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Ian is hoping that further Anglo –Saxon remains will be found there. A display of the Anglo-Saxon artefacts and replicas is currently on show at Chatteris museum.

The March Society’s next meeting is the New Year quiz and buffet on Wednesday January 9 at 7pm in March Library.

Everyone is welcome. Members £2, non-members £3, with tea, coffee, biscuits and the latest news.

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