March Society wants to halt demolition of former newspaper office and its replacement with estate agency and flats

26 March Marketplace

26 March Marketplace - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched to stop the demolition of an 18th century town centre building that once was home to the Fenland Citizen.

How Ellis Winter propose their new office with flats above in March market place

How Ellis Winter propose their new office with flats above in March market place - Credit: Archant

Mike Ellis, of Chatteris, has applied to Fenland District Council for permission to demolish 26 Marketplace and in its place build an office and three one-bedroom flats.

The March Society claims knocking down the 18th century building would be damaging to the heritage of the town.

A March Society spokesman said: “This building is in the Conservation Area. It makes a positive contribution to the appearance and character of the historic town centre, to March’s Marketplace and to the conservation area.

“The loss of this building would be a loss to the heritage of the town.

“We ask that the building should not be demolished but restored to retain an important part of March’s heritage.”

The building is the former home of the Fenland Citizen, while its first floor and attic were linked to the Griffin Hotel.

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The applicant claims demolishing the building, which has been empty for two years, will help to revitalise the Marketplace.

He said: “We believe that the proposed re-development will bring a currently vacant and deteriorating building back into commercial use, enhance the environment of the market square and improve the overall viability of the area with a high quality, sympathetically designed new small development.”

Neighbourhood consultations have to be in by March 5, with a final decision due on March 27.

If you would like to sign the petition, go to