March to Wisbech railway line is a ride through “dismal” Fenland

As an ex railwayman it is very nice to know that our MP Steve Barclay has shown so much interest in seeing the Wisbech to March rail link restored.

Whilst I do not doubt his sincerity I have to ask myself if it is not all a little too late.

Consider the problems, no station in Wisbech, no tracks over the road at Weasenham Lane and, above all, a busy bypass.

So whilst I might think that his heart is in the right place it might not be quite so simple when it comes to funding.

Ideally, the station should have been built years ago, and shortly after the closure of the Wisbech to Magdalen road , Watlington, section was closed.

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This would have meant the closure of the old Wisbech east station in Victoria Road and the building of a completely new station on the site of the old goods yard in Coalwharf road.

In fact a station on that site would have been more accessible from the town centre than the one at Wisbech east.

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But then the land was sold and the opportunity missed.

I am more than a little sceptical of its becoming a heritage railway for who in their right minds is going to want to ride from near Wisbech to near

March through a dismal area of Fenland?

This is hardly the North Yorkshire Moors, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway line or the North Norfolk Railway.

All these have something interesting to see along the way. What does this line have? But good luck anyhow


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