March Town Bus Debate

COULD I through your letters page, make my position clear regarding the March bus subsidy?

I supported the protests when the town bus service was abruptly cancelled without consultation by Stagecoach when they took over Cavalier.

In my view that service should either have been re-instated or discussions held between the County and District Councils with the Fenland Association for Community Transport (FACT) who have a fleet of minibuses and may well have been able to provide an alternative service.

Adding the town service to the March/Peterborough route was to my mind a quick fix to quieten down the protests but one which was never going to be viable in the long term.

I still believe that a town service could and should be provided by FACT. They already accept concessionary bus passes and should waive the �5 annual membership requirement for bus pass holders. Furthermore, the route should take in all the sheltered accommodation locations in March including Shaftsbury Court which lost out when the revised service was introduced, plus Doctor’s surgeries and the railway station as well as the town centre.


Scargells Lane

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