March woman jailed for assaulting Circle Housing Roddons staff is evicted from home

March resident jailed for assaulting Circle Housing Roddons staff is evicted from home

March resident jailed for assaulting Circle Housing Roddons staff is evicted from home - Credit: Archant

A female tennant in March has been evicted from their home for assaulting staff at Circle Housing Roddons.

The resident was reported to Cambridgeshire police following a verbal and physical attack on two members of staff and sustained aggressive and intimidating behaviour.

Circle Housing initially contacted the resident following a complaint reporting a large caravan parked in the shared drive and garden of the property.

When they visited the house to investigate, the resident showed aggressive and intimidating behaviour.

The resident then followed staff back to their offices, where the physical attack took place.

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The resident was later convicted for assault, issued with a restraining order, fined and sent to prison for six weeks.

Sue Stavers, head of housing services for Circle Housing Roddons, said: “Under no circumstances will we tolerate the abuse of our staff members or other residents.

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“We hope this action sends a clear message to the very small numbers of residents who engage in anti-social behaviour or crime and also provides reassurance to the majority of our residents who wish to live a peaceful life in a safe environment.

“We have a zero tolerance approach to serious anti-social or criminal behaviour and this is one example of our commitment to taking a firmer line against perpetrators than we may have in the past.

“Whilst eviction is always a last resort, on this occasion it was a necessary course of action.

“We urge any of our residents affected by anti-social behavior to contact their neighbourhood officer in the first instance.”

Following a hearing at Peterborough County Court, Circle Housing Roddons was awarded possession of the property and the resident was evicted with the assistance of bailiffs.

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