Marsh says ‘grim profile’ prevented judge granting him a bailiff’s certificate

HIS ‘grim profile’ prevented debt collector Nigel Marsh from becoming a certificated bailiff, he admitted this week.

Mr Marsh, due in court in October for an alleged assault on a police officer inside The George, March, said a bailiff’s certificate would have helped his business.

“I was unsuccessful in becoming a certificated bailiff because I have too many outstanding issues,” he said.

“The judge ruled the assault and trespassing charges and letters of objection from The George painted a grim profile of me.

“At the end of October, when the court cases are over, my profile will be clean and I am confident that I will be successful.”

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His said his business, UK Debt Collection, will still trade and continue to outsource work to certificated bailiffs.

“This judgement does not interfere with how my business is run. I will still trade as a private bailiff”, he said.

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“I want to be a certificated bailiff so I am as accountable as the bailiffs who knock on debtors’ doors and having the certificate will mean that the way I operate is closely scrutinised by the courts.”

Mr Marsh has been involved in two unsuccessful pub ventures in the past two years.

He first was at Chatteris where he tried to run the Walk the Dog with his two sons.

And this year he unsuccessfully tried to set up a company to run the George, March, converting it to Georges briefly before it reverted back to new owners following his brief involvement.

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