Mayor fears for ‘carve up’ of Fenland as Boundary Commission forges ahead with Whittlesey into Peterborough plan

THE Mayor of Whittlesey has called on the Boundary Commission to drop its plans to move her town into a parliamentary constituency that aligns it with Peterborough.

Consultations over proposed changes ended this week . The Commission is proposing to scrub the North East Cambridgeshire constituency, held by MP Steve Barclay, and carve up the four major Fenland towns into three separate new constituencies.

Speaking on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this week, Cllr Kay Mayor said: “I would like North East Cambridgeshire to stay as it is. And so would a lot of other people. There have been petitions in shops, and individual people have written to the Boundary Commissioners. We are just waiting for the results. I don’t want to think that it is a foregone conclusion, which I think some people are thinking it is already.

“I would like to think that consultation has taken place, and it will be dealt with appropriately.”

The Mayor said she was against plans to separate the Fenland towns. “Whittlesey is part of Fenland, and Fenland, as a district council, is being carved up,” she said. Referring to the plans to separate the four major Fenland towns, she added: “We don’t think it’s good for Whittlesey.”

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The Boundary Commission proposals would put Whittlesey into a Peterborough South constituency, with March and Wisbech being placed in a constituency with Downham Market, and Chatteris being placed alongside Huntingdon.

If accepted, the proposals will be introduced in time for the next parliamentary election, due in May 2015.

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If the proposed changes are accepted, Cllr Mayor wants to see a selection process for choosing the new MPs. She said: “Anyone who wants to stand to be a Member of Parliament can put their hat in the ring.” Referring to the Peterborough North and South constituencies, she said: “The population of those two areas can actually select their future MP, and not have it thrust upon us.”

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