Me, my brothers and friends all went to that ‘dumping’ school - my children now go and are making great progress

AT the age of 19 I owned my own business, with four staff (some older than myself).

I’m now working towards a higher level in my chosen career after having a break from work for two years whilst my children were small.

My Husband works in his family business and works long hours a day in order to keep on top of a busy schedule of ever increasing orders and work load.

One of my brothers works in the headquarters of a well-known large company, my other brother owns his own business and doesn’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with demands.

I also have several friends who own their own companies or work in high paid jobs and not one of us has ever been in receipt of state benefits.

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Guess what? We all went to “that” school you say is “OK” to “dump your children in if you’re not bothered that they get any qualifications”.

I’m pleased to say that both my children go to Thomas Clarkson Community College, Wisbech. They are always happy to go and are making fantastic progress. Why would I want to look elsewhere?

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