MEET THE CANDIDATES: Alan Melton (Conservative)

FENLAND District Council Leader Alan Melton stands for re-election in Birch ward, Chatteris.


20 St Martins Road, Chatteris PE16 6JF

Tel: 01354 693724

Dear Colleague

On Thursday 5th May you will once again have the chance to elect your representative to Fenland District Council for a further 4 years. I am asking for your support.

A lot has happened during the last four years, but I am proud to say that I have been part of a team that has really delivered change with stability to Fenland and Chatteris.

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Some of our achievements are quite remarkable: we have set up the Fens Engineering School in partnership with Stainless Metalcraft, which provides apprenticeships and training for our young people, we have commenced work on the all weather sports pitch and have now got programmed the second stage of our leisure strategy, the gym and indoor sports facilities and of course, we have delivered the King Edward Centre as promised. In addition, phase two of the South Fens Business Centre is under construction.

Things have been far from easy; the severe financial situation facing our country has made decision making difficult and of course some of the sacrifices that we have made have not been popular. But unlike some people, we are not in the business of chucking money at every pipe dream without first ensuring that the cash is available which has been raised from savings and the disposal of the assets that are no longer required.

Since last year I became responsible for the council’s finances. I have reduced overheads, reduced management, but protected front line services. I have imposed a pay freeze (and yes, frozen member’s allowances).

I was also able to announce a council tax freeze for this coming financial year.

Anybody who pretends that the council has money should remember there is no such thing as council money: it is YOUR MONEY!

I am proud of what we have achieved.

If you re-elect me on 5th May, I promise you that I will continue to work for you and help provide you with first class services at minimal cost and at the same time continue to work hard for Chatteris.

Yours sincerely

Alan Melton

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