MEET THE CANDIDATES: Dean Reeves (Labour)

DEAN Reeves stands as a Labour candidate in Hill Ward.

I am married to Jo and have three children. I work as a civil servant and as such am well versed with the issues facing public sector workers.

I consider that working for your local community should be encouraged, it is certainly productive. Previously I have been both a school governor, and sat on youth offending panels.

Last year I rejoined the Labour Party following several years supporting the Liberal Democrats. Following the General Election it became clear to me that the Lib Dems had lost their principles, and also their concerns for ordinary working families.

The decisions made by the Coalition affecting taxation, and cuts to benefits and services, only add burden and worry to everyday folk.

For me the election of Ed Miliband as Labour leader is an opportunity to refresh. It was important to admit the failures of the previous administration but I am encouraged by what is proposed for moving forward – and to listen to all.

If elected I would take this occasion to provide good representation within the council chamber but also ensure that the Labour Party listens to YOU.

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Locally I would like to see more visible efforts being made to integrate the different parts of what is a very diverse community.

There is much to be applauded and many positive relationships but, as widely reported in the local press, too many failures.

Whilst local businesses benefit from the pool of migrant workers there needs to be greater openness with the community as to what these same companies do to assist with welfare and housing issues for example.

I consider that both employers and the authorities have a responsibility to ensure new arrivals are made aware of local laws, custom and behaviour for the benefit of the whole community.

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