MEET THE CANDIDATES: Martin Field (Labour)

MARTIN Field is a Labour candidate in the March East Ward, standing for election to Fenland District Council.

MARTIN Field has been a teacher at Neale-Wade Community College in March for the last 17 years and both his sons are being educated there.

He was a cistrict councillor in March East in the 1990s where he was vice-chairman of the council and chairman of the Leisure Services Board.

He considers the National Health Service, comprehensive education, our tolerance of diversity and Radio 4 to be amongst the features that make him most proud to be British, so no wonder he is disgusted by Tory policies.

Since he was young, Martin has campaigned on issues of fairness, human rights, equality and the environment and considers that these all have relevance on a local, not just global, scale.

His interests include music, reading and the theatre but he also guiltily enjoys computer games, Twitter and Facebook.

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