MEET THE CANDIDATES: Matt Broadfield (Independent)

MATT Broadfield is an independent candidate standing in the March West ward. Matt describes himself as the leader of the Democratic Party which was founded in November last year.

“HIYA. I have a dream for my country and its people, to literally put England on the map and become independent.

I grew up on a council estate, having free school dinners and struggling to pay bills, then moved 100 miles away to become successful in business.

“The government is a business run by public schoolboys who have had no experience in the real world or how to run a business, yet you keep voting for them and let them waste your tax!!

“One day the world will copy how I lead a country and live the world as one race, the human race.

“Our aim is for the next general election to have a candidate in every constituency in England, to get the majority and free England from Britain, making England a much better country guaranteed.


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• To use all tax generated in England for the good of England and all who live here. You would be stupid to say you don’t want all your tax to be used to benefit you.

• No more immigration/lending while we are in debt. We do admire all those who are here who want to better their lives, who work hard, who do jobs locals do not want to do, but those who have come over and commit a crime that ends up a prison term will be deported upon time served. The economy just cannot have any more coming over to claim benefits. Will not tolerate anything English being classed as offensive in England!!

• To become independent from Britain so we control our own issues instead of Scotland getting free tuition, Wales getting free prescriptions... yet under the same parliament and we don’t???? Why do Scottish and Welsh MPs get to vote on issues in England yet our MPs have no say in theirs???? It is our money they are using!!! It all makes no sense.

• England has been held back in the union for 300 years subsidising the rest and having no identity, it’s now time for our independence.

• Being free from Britain means more money for better health for you and your family, better protection against crime, more investment in our public sectors, science and technology to become a leader on the world stage again.

• We are, have been and always will be the best ever party for the people of England, 100 per cent of your tax back into your country can not ever be beaten.

• Will create government rival utility companies, not for profit but to create more jobs with the profit.”

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