PAUL Clapp is one of two UKIP candidates in Waterlees Ward for the Fenland District Council elections. In a joint statement Mr Clapp, fellow Waterlees candidate Chris Schooling and Wisbech Town Council candidate Alan Lay explain their reasons for standing.

We have noticed that recently both Wisbech Town Council and Fenland District Council have been making decisions that affect ordinary people of Wisbech.

The taxi rank is a good example. We want to see the taxi rank stay where it is. Why should it be moved? It’s been there for years with no complaints so why move it? Surely the bus station is the best place for a taxi rank?

We will campaign on your behalf to keep Wisbech toll free. Some councillors seem to forget that Wisbech is a market town and that is its charm.

Once you have paid parking half of the tourists are just going to drive by. We believe that charging for parking would almost certainly kill the businesses in Wisbech.

In Waterlees ward we have seen a lot of change and some of it has not been good.

We know that some of the major decisions have been made against the local residents’ wishes. Their views and objections have been totally overruled and ignored.

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The councillors who were voted in did not represent their constituents, they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and do nothing.

We have sent letters back and forth to various departments about different complaints that you have raised and nothing is done, not even a proper reply.

This is not good enough and we believe that YOU deserve better.

There has been meeting after meeting with Cambridgeshire County Council and these meetings have solved nothing. Again, we believe that you deserve better.

As the council stands at the moment there is no opposition to anything it wishes to pass. You need three councillors in the council to cause a debate and vote on something rather than just pass it through anyway, making your councillors accountable to you.

And it is YOU that can make a change - and that is by electing three local UKIP councillors on May 5.

We will work to ensure that YOU have a voice. We all live locally in the Waterlees ward. We will endeavour to answer your phone calls and e-mails if we are elected.

If we can resolve a problem we will work to make sure that you are not waiting for some nameless person to get back to you.

By electing Paul Clapp, Alan Lay and Chris Schooling you will have a chance to get local democracy back to Waterlees ward on May 5.

Please look at the past and think that enough is enough - and vote UKIP.

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