MEET THE CANDIDATES: Rob Skoulding (Independent)

ROB Skoulding is standing for Fenland District Council as an Independent candidate for March West.

“AFTER much thought, I have decided to stand as your local councillor. I have lived in March all my life and feel I would like to give something back to the community.

“The first thing that I would like to stress is that I will be approachable and readily available to all of constituents – a councillor for the people of March and Fenland.

“I would do my best to ensure that Council Tax payers are rewarded by value for money and the best possible service for the money that you pay.

“I am a family man with young and grown—up children and I realise the importance of good schooling and for our streets to be safe.

“I come from a business background and in my everyday life I have seen small businesses struggle.

“Today, people who start new small business ventures need to be encouraged and supported, and I would like to try and make sure that they do not fail because they are obstructed by tiny details that sometimes makes difference to the survival of a business.

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“By encouraging businesses to thrive, this will hopefully be reflected by increased employment opportunities.

I will not be seeking reward as councillor, and if I am lucky enough to be elected I will not claim expenses from Fenland District Council.

“Being an Independent candidate means that I would not be politically motivated in my decision making.

“I hope to bring a ‘common-sense’ attitude to local government and my pledge to you, the voter, is that I would act for the people of March and Fenland to the best of my ability.”

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