MEET THE CANDIDATES: Robert Lawrence (Conservative)

ROBERT Lawrence is standing in the Kirkgate ward as a Conservative candidate.


10 Westfield Road Wisbech Cambs PE13 3EU

Tel: 01945 480997

ROBERT is a local man seeking election to Fenland District Council. He was born in Chapnal road within the Kirkgate ward and has lived locally all his life.

He firmly believes Wisbech is a much better place than how some people portray it, and subsequently tries to promote it whenever he can.

Robert is a member of the Wisbech Society, Friends of the Institute, Friends of the Museum and is a Wisbech Rotarian.

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He is married to Yvonne, who is the present Town Councillor for this ward and worked very hard as last year’s Town Mayor. They have one grown up son, Mark.

Robert said: “Yvonne is also seeking your vote in the forthcoming local Town Council election and we feel that as a team with a voice on both Councils, should we be elected, we could have better communication between the two Councils giving more of a chance of addressing some of the issues concerning this ward such as crime and policing, traffic and parking around the Walsoken shops.

It is my intention to give the people of this ward a real voice at Fenland District Council, something it has not had since the sad loss of Councillor Les Sims.

Local elections are very important to your area and so are the candidates that you elect.

I think they should be local to the area as I am and should be approachable at all times, should you choose to elect me I will guarantee to be available at all times and to do my best to help out with whatever problems arise in this ward.”

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