MEET THE CANDIDATES: Roy Gerstner (Independent)

ROY Gerstner stands as an Independent in St. Marys Ward in the Fenland District Council elections.

I have lived in St Marys Ward for more than 35 years and am well informed of our issues.

I am chairman of Whittlesey Street Pride, a very committed group of volunteers that have made very big differences in our town, villages and gateway entrances.

I am also an Independently appointed member of Fenland District Council’s Standards Committee and am an Independent Custody Visitor for and on behalf of Cambs Police Authority.

Successful in keeping together, organising and publicising – ‘Whittlesey Community Forum’ – taken on by Fenland - giving the electorate, public and youth an opportunity to bring issues direct to their elected and public representatives – including your neighbourhood police team. No-one else was prepared to finance or take this role on for over 2 years – I did.

I am accountable to you, I have a record of service to the Community and I have values by which I live and work. I am prepared to make that stand and give you – the elector - the opportunity for a different and new candidate.

There is to be a Transport study conducted for the area – has it been publicised? Is it a secret? Without a properly conducted inquiry into the needs of our town – we will all pay the price over the next 10+ years.

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I have seen the recent outline plans for 400+ houses off the A605. I have seen the outline plans for the proposed Tesco development. I have seen the outline plans for the Gildenburgh Development. Where is all this traffic going to go – all along the A605?

Your present councillors ‘think’ by giving in to these major developments that a bypass for Whittlesey will follow.

At Peterborough/Orton/Hampton/Cardia/Standground, the road network was put in first before any further major development took place. Not the case in Whittlesey.

I have been married for 34 years to Connie who has recently retired. She was the Senior Ward Manager/Stroke Unit Peterborough District Hospital. I was an Electro-Technical Officer with the Merchant Navy. Sky TV.

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