MEET THE CANDIDATES: Virginia Bucknor (Independent)

VIRGINIA Bucknor stands for election in the Waterlees Ward as an Independent candidate alongside her husband Michael.

“WE’RE standing as truly Independent candidates for both town and district councils with no ties to any political party or other group.

“We have all seen the gradual but constant erosion of Wisbech’s infrastructure – the courthouse, Register Office and driving test centre. The college was prevented from being moved simply because the funding was withdrawn.

“Wisbech receives the ‘crumbs from the table’ and we need councillors prepared to back the concerns of residents and put Wisbech at the forefront and not blindly serve a political party because party politics often prevents councillors having a free vote.

“The point of being Independent is that it will allow us to pursue the best solutions to the community’s problems with no political restraints on where the solutions come from.

“Whilst the council seriously talks about closing public toilets and the Tourist Information Centre in Wisbech to save money, it has now agreed at great cost to move the taxi rank from its convenient position in the Horsefair to outside The Case pub.

“The threatened downgrading of Wisbech fire station – one of the busiest in Fenland – is one of the most worrying aspects that Councillors should collectively ensure does not happen.

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“If elected we will provide regular walk-in surgeries and be easily contactable by phone or e-mail. We will not be invisible. How can councillors know what issues and concerns there are if they have little, bad, or no communication with their community?

“Over the last two months, so far we have knocked on almost every home in the Waterlees ward and we’ve experienced first hand the strength of feeling the community shares for Wisbech, their wish for Wisbech to be a thriving market town again, alongside the strong concerns they also have – issues that must be addressed.

“We’ve got some good people in our ward - people who deserve to be respected, listened to and well represented.

“For further information please visit our website – Wisbech Matters at - which also provides all our contact details or you can call us on 01945 584207 or 07954 655 111.”