Member of Fenland gang which staged mock execution on man over �260 debt told to expect lengthy jail term

A GANG broke into a Wisbech flat on a 4am debt collection raid and argued as they staged a mock execution of their victim before savaging his arm with a knife.

Luke Robinson begged his co-attackers to have mercy on their victim and shouted “he’s had enough” as one the men held a knife to his throat.

The 24-year-old man had already been beaten by the trio with a police-style baton in front of his girlfriend at their King Street home as she pleaded with the raiders to leave her lover alone.

But the gang proceeded to mimick a throat-cutting action before sinking the blade deep into the victim’s left arm, requiring him to have 35 stitches.

Robinson, of Needham Bank, Friday Bridge, has been told he faces a lengthy jail term after pleading guilty to two counts of Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) and an aggravated burglary.

Cambridge Crown Court was told Robinson looked shocked as his gang mates drew a knife on their victim as “warning” to pay a �260 debt.

Recorder David Holborn adjourned sentencing so a psychiatric assessment could be carried out to determine whether the 26-year-old is a serious risk to the public.

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However, he said: “We’ll all sleep a little easier knowing we’ve dealt with this in the right way.”

The court was told that the gang slowly cruised up to the flat in a dark saloon at 4am on June 4 this year. The victim soon became aware of banging outside before a bang on his front door.

Duncan O’Donnell, prosecuting, told the court: “He goes to the front door to find out who is there, opens it slightly to look and the door is forced open.

“He is immediately forced back into the property by a male who immediately starts beating him. He is punched to the floor and at this stage Robinson and a third man get inside.”

In his personal impact statement the victim said he was the subject of kicking and punching to the face and the head. He managed to scramble up and lock himself in the bathroom to protect himself from further attack.

The victim later decided to come out for fear the gang would hurt his girlfriend, who was trying to call the police while shouting “leave him alone”.

However, as the gang’s victim tried to leave, the bathroom door was kicked off its hinges. The door landed on the victim, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Mr O’Donnell told the court that one of the attackers then “puts a knife to his face and says ‘you owe �260’”. He added that Robinson told his gang mates to “leave it alone, he’s had enough”.

One of the gang also shouted: “This is your warning,” before slicing the blade deeply into the victim’s arm.

Caroline Allison, mitigating, said: “His (Robinson’s) understanding was that it was would be a bit of a warning and that they would ‘slap him a little’.

“It was an incredibly stupid decision to go along with that request and to go along with that unpleasant and unacceptable activity.”

The victim has since moved out of Wisbech because he keeps having flashbacks to the incident. He is so afraid to return his mother goes to collect his post and he has sought counselling.

He also said in his victim statement: “It has changed my life dramatically and has put an unbelievable strain on my family.

“It was humiliating and embarrassing and I have to live with it.”

The court was also told that Robinson was recognised by the victim because they were previously acquaintances - but so far the other two men have not been caught.

Robinson was remanded in custody - and spent Christmas in jail as a result. He will be sentenced on February 3 at Basildon Crown Court.