Memories of Friday Bridge School

I WAS a Benton when single, and the photo brings back many memories of the little school, and Polly Folker! My nephew and niece are on the photo.

My nephew and niece are on the photo. Michael Benton is standing third from the right back row, and his sister Anne is immediately in front with a scowl on her face; the little girl at the end of the centre row is Janet White who lived in Maltmas Drove just along from my dad’s home. Between Janet and Anne is Jill Ram. That’s the best I can do to help you. My two sisters Daisy and Violet are still alive, 81 and 78 respectively and I am now 74. Several years after I moved to Peterborough I was driving down Mayors Walk and who should be at her front gate talking but Miss Folker; needless to say I stopped the car and went and spoke to her. It was the only time I ever saw her after leaving Friday Bridge.


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